Peak continues to be recognized as a best-in-class performer and employer.  We have humbly accepted awards from various Atlanta-based as well as national student housing publications.  We continue to reach for milestones that make Peak Campus the best student housing property management and development company in the United States.  Some of our most notable awards include:


We sincerely believe that the best ideas come from our people. We want to know what we can do to make our company the best in all areas. Exceptional ideas that are implemented and directly impact how we do things are recognized and considered for bonus potential.  Company growth has allowed for addition individual awards and recognition, including over 400 internal promotions since 2011.  




The annual Leadership Conference is for Property Managers, Assistant Managers, and select corporate team members.  Managers have the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized keynote speakers and participate in breakout sessions designed to enhance their leadership potential. It’s the perfect setting for networking, sharing best practices and learning new skills…all in a fun and motivating environment!

We understand and acknowledge that without the contributions of every Peak Campus employee, we would not stand where we are today.  That being said, we feel strongly about recognizing employees at all levels.  Our Annual Black & White Ball, celebrated at the Annual Leadership Conference, is our signature event where Peak recognizes top performers both at the property and corporate office level.  Awards such as the “Pinnacle Award,” “Pacesetter Award,” and “Leasing Manager of the Year” are presented by our President.  We also identify other ways to highlight success through team and individual recognition programs and contests throughout the year.